“Positivity….yes….yeeeesss!!!!!” I had just jumped out of bed early Monday morning and was trying to find reason to go through the week.

It had taken quite sometime before I settled on it as my personal value. I always knew my vision was to be the best, and the best for all I interact with, my mission: to go to bed having succeeded, and success means having put a smile on someones face. All along I never knew what value would guide me as I do this.

Here I was, I finally decided I want to always be positive, it doesn’t matter how hard life might be, there is always that positive bit in it. It may be so small but I want to live knowing that is what I was meant to concentrate on.

I really can’t say how it all happened but a lot of past instances ran through my mind in a short span of time; the numerous times I have advised people to make lemonade out of lemons, the days I have talked of a mountain of negatives that has a positive bit that we are meant to look for and make the best out of it. I remembered when I told my ol’man that I totally believed in Mary J’s words that each tear has a lesson, and I still believe in that.

I thought of the great people who lived; Martin Luther King Jr. remained positive and that’s why he dreamt, Barrack Obama despite the challenges he had as a black person was positive, that’s why he he chose “Yes we can” as a slogan.

I then thought of me, my life has not been easy either of late, who would think at 22 I’d be using a walking stick with no known cause of the pain, the many times I’ve always wished I was someone else and asked the question “why?” , the times I have felt inadequate and wished I hadn’t gotten into something but I was reminded of the bible study I had with my uncle a few days ago “Never worry about what you can’t change, the farthest you can go is be concerned”

That morning I decided to join the list of great men and start dreaming, to stop worrying about what I can’t change and only show concerned. My dreams have to be positive, my concerns too have to be positive and hence I choose positiveness for my value, it guides me as I continue with life’s journey.


10 thoughts on “POSITIVITY

  1. flq says:

    its a great thing youve started davie. . n what better way do so other than a positivity post. . iv liked

  2. mercy kandie says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!…so proud of you…Phil 4:8…bless you..xoxo

  3. mercy says:

    so so inspirational big bro and the best attitude to possess. thanks for this

  4. The only Bonnita. says:


  5. suzy says:

    wow, inspiring is what al use to describe this, considering most of them arent jst stories bt real experiences. nyyccc

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