When my friend and roommate Mark  called offering me an opportunity to take his place, I really did not feel like taking it up. I was limping, I couldn’t subject my foot to all that walking to the cyber, I only sent my brother to do the application for me  coz Mark would ask again and again.

Its three months since and I look back and think of the whole thing…oops!!! I forgot to say I attended the interview and got the internship… and yeah, three months later I look at the two days to go and I don’t want to leave, I have not had an internship and if I must leave I will find another name for it.

A lot of times we really don’t know what it is that lies ahead of us as we think of how tired we are, we think of the pains involved in limping to the “cyber”. We are fond of looking at the barriers that lay ahead of us instead of concentrating on how best to jump the hurdles and run the race. If I did not cease that opportunity and applied for this internship I wouldn’t have had the great experience I have had.

Yes, I said it wasn’t an internship, because it was greater than that. I did not just wake up each morning as any other of my classmates did, I had passion for this. I always looked forward to getting to the office and sit in front of my computer (never mind it was slow) because there was something in this office that couldn’t be found in any other; the great bosses….I just used great because the English vocabulary has no better word, and wonderful colleagues. The office was more of a home than a working station.

Then came Africa Cancer Foundation; this s what I call the highlight, it could not be just another task. It was a task that opened my eyes, a lot of times I had to fight tears as I listened to stories by cancer survivors and patients. I must admit it scares me at times when I think of all those times they said the docs didn’t detect the cancer till it was advanced-MY KNEE, but that wouldn’t dampen the psyche I had, and the yearning to see the Foundation set up to help those in need. I especially remember when I visited KNH’s pediatric oncology ward, and for once I wished I was Chris Kirubi.

With two days left I’ve thought and realized it was no internship at all, in fact I feel like the person in me has changed more than the student in me has grown because I know I have responsibility to at least give a little push to the efforts released towards making the world a better place. I won’t wait for a big push from the  mighty.

See an internship only shapes one to become a better professional, this moulded me into a better person, and I promise before long, I’ll find a name for it. 

This was just it for the internship and all its greatness but we have greater internships in life. They lie right in front of us, there is always a “Mark” in life to point them out but most of the time we concentrate on the knee pains and the walking sticks not knowing that in it lies the opportunity to grow into a better person, more helpful to the society.

CEASE IT!!!!!!!!  



  1. The only Bonnita. says:

    I like!

  2. fionaatieno says:

    I have finally visited your blog and read this post:) I’m so glad to know the internship experience was so meaningful to you! I like what you said about grabbing an opportunity because you never know what it may lead to. Wish you all the best in your final semester and whatever comes next. You’ll always have a place here at 7th Sense 🙂

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