“How many Onyango’s do we have out there, who won’t care to say they are using power for free?” That is what my uncle asked at Kenya Power’s offices when he went to report that he had been using power for free. Yeah…we still have people in this rotten society who care for their country and its systems.

I know many of us are wondering “what’s wrong with him?” but there is something totally different I derived out of this whole thing. How many of us would have thought of doing the same? A lot of times we’d say, they are paid to do this work, let them figure it out themselves, we’d look at it as an opportunity to have it for free, the funny bit is that we’ll always complain about things not being right, always blaming the government, the politicians and all other leaders for impunity.

We never stop to think that it actually starts with “me”, how could it change if I don’t give my little contribution. It is the little push  I give that will contribute to the shove I expect the great men to give. We forget that the country wouldn’t be without my contribution. We always complain of chaotic traffic yet we think we are the only ones who deserve to get there first, breaking all the simple rules, then blame it on the “stupid” police and “crazy” matatus.

I would go on and on about all those things that happen wrong and forget the point which is open for all to see yet we’ll always want to force ourselves blind to. My uncle may sound crazy, or whatever other name many of us would want to give him but to me he joins the list of great men, men who stand for what they believe in and not lured by the cheap things that excite human beings and later turn into the saddest things.

He may be just another professor of medicine at University of Nairobi, the regular  “mzee” you meet everyday but he made the greatest contribution Kenya needed towards becoming a better country. He joins the “Obamas” and Churchills, the Mboyas and Pintos.

The next time you ask me who my role model is; I won’t hesitate……and yes you got it right…..Prof. Onyango is the answer.    


5 thoughts on “…..IT STARTS WITH ME…..

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