This is the third time am listening to this story and every time there is always something different I get from it. It is the story of a 31/2 year old girl battling leukemia. The first two instances I really felt for the baby and couldn’t understand why she had to go through the pain she has been through. This time as I sit in this interview I get something totally different from the story. I see a strong lady behind Margaret as she recounts the  story o her granddaughter.

I don’t know how many of us would say we have guardian angels or that one person who will always be our strength when all we have is gone, but I know Baby Lexie does have one in her grandma, whatever Margaret has gone through just to ensure that her granddaughter is healed of leukemia. She has gone to the greatest heights and if anything no one has ever crossed the seven seas but her, she has actually done it for the little girl.

And this leaves me thinking of how much we can do for our loved ones and whether we actually recognize the much that some of them go through just to ensure that we are comfortable. Do we take time to appreciate the “Margarets” we have in our lives?

For Lexie and Margaret it may have been leukemia and everyone would say after all it was a serious matter that needed commitment, but most of the time we take for granted the little things  people do for us. Our parents working hard to educate us is taken as a right, not recognizing that there is so much love in the little things they do for us. They go out of their way just to ensure that we are comfortable enough, after all they would choose to be just any other parents. Just that for now, the much they and others do out of love would be a whole day’s story.

And so as I sit listening to Margaret’s story amazed by the love she has for her granddaughter, the much she has done for her and how much she would like to see her come back home well, I decide that I will learn to appreciate the little that each one does for me because it is these that reflect the much they can do for me. And as it is before Lexie fell sick, grandma would do these very little things for her.

And I choose to help Lexie, to tell grandma thank you for all she has been to her at least by offering support and keeping them in my prayers. I know Lexie will come back home and grow to thank grandma but as she does that we could support and appreciate this great lady who was her strength when all hers was gone.

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3 thoughts on ““…STRENGTH WHEN DOWN…”

  1. The only Bonnita. says:


  2. nae says:

    it amazes me how a young kid and an old lady find love in the midst of such profound pain…how someone so young going through something so painful that even most adults never have the guts to withstand,something am pretty sure she least understands,something that has made her so wise fir her age,something that’s still an enigma(she is also one)….could still be able to talk of love….she brings tears to my eyes..partly because of what she is undergoing,..but mostly because of her strength and faith in the face of such an adversary…she makes most of us seem so weak….i am waiting to shed a different kind of tears when baby lexie slays this monster….courage …couirage..child of the universe

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