I really like my ol’man, I spend a lot of time with him and most of the time I tend to think that of late he has grown more into a friend than anything else that others would usually grow into. In fact those times I have no other friend around he has always fills in the “best friend” gap; talk of him coming in handy. These many times our friendship isn’t the normal type of playing and hanging out in pubs drinking, but a special one in which I learn a lot. A lesson I really appreciate, is one he gave of three human attributes; complaining, apportioning blame and negativity…

I’ll want to look at complaining and relate it to my friend in campus who to some extent gives me a challenge. “You know something about me, I pay for everything.” she told me one evening. That statement hit me hard, I don’t understand why but it threw me off balance for a few seconds, but I had an answer when she asked me whether I understood what she meant. Yes of course, most of us pay for everything but what she meant was that she takes care of all her needs; pays her school fees, buys her clothes, takes care if her travelling and everything else that comes with university life.

This made me reflect to what others do, where others includes me. We constantly complain about how little we have financially. I have always wanted to get a job and help my parents out with some of these expenses, but still do I give it my all? We resort to complaining about our clothes not being up to date fashion wise, not having enough money to go for boogies yet our parents strive to give us what they know is enough at the end of every month.

Do we ever stop to think that there are people like my friend who have no one to call at the end of the month and ask for upkeep money? They have to work ways out to ensure that each month there is money for subsistence. All we can remember is the need for ol’man or ol’lady to add to what they have always given and claim they can’t understand that life has changed of late, as if we were there to see it when life had no changed yet.

With this I thought of me, I’ve always had ol’lady and ol’man to provide for me besides the loan the government gives me and the little my big sisters chip in. In comparison to my friend who has no one to chip in at any point, I am far from fashion; she is way too good and far much better than most people I see around campus. All I do is complain and complain.

As I sit and while at it I have chosen not to be human anymore; human beings complain. I will go back to my ol’man and together we’ll find a name for them who aren’t human, them who don’t complain, them who do not apportion blame, and them who aren’t negative and skeptical about everything.

I hope that when we finally find a name for it we’ll have several others willing to join our species.


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