“I hate it when a rebound doesn’t work” I’m not sure what I should interpret these words to mean and especially for that person who was meant to be the rebound. It doesn’t matter whether it worked or not (that would be a story for another day). All that matters at the moment is what this rebound should think about themselves.

I know what a lot of people would think about a rebound. Most likely s/he would look like a second option, a mat that is only put at the door on a rainy/muddy day but thrown away when the sun shines and the mud goes away. Not many would like to know that they only qualified because they worked as a rebound.

My view however is totally different and as per what I live for, I choose to look at the flip side of it. How in the very many people in an individual’s life would they only settle for you to hurt the other person who didn’t play their role as they were supposed to? It actually means that you have equal if not higher potential than them who were dumped.

I look at it in the sense that this individual uses the fact that you are in their life to forget about an ugly past, in most cases a painful one at that. Imagine all those things you engage in for distraction or to help you forget a painful past. For some it maybe sweet music, for others a great movie or maybe a hobby, In all cases the common denominator is the fact that all these are always great and pleasurable to engage in and therefore this means that even them in a rebound relationship have that sense of greatness and are pleasurable to be around, which to me is a very great thing I wish I could offer everyone I interact with.

I really don’t think I could be expert enough to speak about the moral right or wrong of being in a rebound relationship (after all I believe in relativity and I think everyone is entitled to their opinion). What I would like us to look at as we read this is the many times we get mad because we come in as a second option. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a relationship, could be in the many life activities we engage in. we never stop to think that we are second in consideration because we posses something in us greater and more pleasurable than that the first had.

It is only with the realization that we are better than those who walked the path before us that we would know how best to jump the hurdles that tripped them. If however we refuse to cease the opportunity simply because we think coming second is an insult then we shall fall at the same spot the others fell and in most cases never grow at all.

The next time you learn you are second kindly put a smile on that face, remember that you are a greater person and you never know could be the panacea of all the problems encountered before. Take the baton, run the race and keep in mind those spots that brought down those who went before you.   


2 thoughts on “THE REBOUND

  1. Namwene says:

    Beautiful piece! I love.

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