Fear (Noun): According to the dictionary at the foot side of my bed it is “the bad feeling that you have when you are in danger, when something bad might happen, or when a particular thing frightens you. Is there a way we’d work around fear to get a positive result out of it? In case you thought it was impossible, read on and see what I mean.

Probably most if not all of us can remember what we feared most when we were ten years old. I can’t in my case forget in the day I first saw a ghost on telly. It scared me so much that I jumped over the coffee table to my Mama’s back across the room. It took long, real long before I recovered from this and could comfortably watch TV again, and maybe that’s why I don’t do telly that much.

While at that, probably a year or two later, a cute little girl somewhere harbored fear of death and going to hell. Remember how much you believed what your teachers said then? Hers was even much more; her Sunday school teacher had warned that if she didn’t accept salvation she’d die and go to hell. What was there for her but to heed the alter call and get saved?

It’s been quite a while and several years later I get to meet the cute little girl, now a beautiful lady. Her everything tells me of one who harbors no fear anymore, she is confident and proud to be of a team she chooses to call that of people “Totally sold out to Christ”. I can’t help but envy her as I listen to her story through salvation, coz one thing is for sure; she has nothing to fear, unlike me who wouldn’t know whether my use of “walking sticks” at this age is due to the alcohol I take in the evenings. And as I sit to write my assignment I realize her fear ceased to scare, that bad feeling has turned into the best feeling ever.

We definitely can’t divorce life from fear, could be the fear of mama leaving us back home with the house help at five, the fear of being punished in school at ten, the fear of going to boarding school at fifteen, the fear of being rejected by a crush at twenty and currently the fear of growing old and not achieving. As funny as it may sound we ought to fear not our fears but instead face them with courage. As I always tell my friends “it’s never that bad, not even when it’s the greatest fear.”

I still believe there is a reason behind every life activity including that assignment that looks useless. As I do this my fear is gone and in its place stands a ‘fearless’ me, he who knows that even the scariest of them all will always turn pleasant. Though I may be wearing the cute little girl’s shoes at the moment, I know dawn will fall; the tunnel will eventually have an end with a light coz the shoes the fearless beautiful   lady is wearing are waiting.


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