Today I choose to blog for my university classmates, a special one for the wonderful people I have been around for the past four years. and as one of our lecturers says “I am because they are”, without them the learning process couldn’t have  been as interesting as it has been. I know there are still five or so months to go, but the end is surely near.

“Kilicho na mwanzo hakikosi kuwa na mwisho” this swahili saying was the first I ever heard that has anything to do with the beginning and the end. I would never doubt it for a second and I totally believe it talks the truth and in reality I think only God  won’t have an end because He was there even when nothing and no one ever had a beginning. And as the end of our basic education journey comes to a close I would like to have a few with these great professionals.

It started in August 2008, I remember so well it was just a day before I turned twenty when my ol’lady accompanied me to this place on the other side of the continuum that would hold civilisation on the other far end. Then not many of us were what we are today “naive”…note the quotes…, innocent and willing to learn and grow could be the best words to describe what we were then…we had not done descriptive writing then. A lot has changed along the way, we made friends, engaged in fights and had a lot of other beautiful and ugly incidences. I wouldn’t like or dislike any of those, all were for the purposes of learning and growing and I believe a lot if not all of us have done both through that period. A journey it has been, with hurdles and rough terrain occasionally but we could not let that bring us down.

Now we come to what seems like the end of it all, but I believe is just but a start. A time when all we have been through will be put to test, this is when the ones who learnt from all the experiences will be separated from them who learnt nothing at all. I believe it is time we put our heads together and thought of a forum that would help us learn from each other, one that would help us have a one on one with the great lecturers we have had… some of us have never experienced what they can be outside the class setting….trust me these guys are fun to be around…they are more than teachers. Maybe in addition to the above have a few who have been in the profession to give us a preview of what to expect after March 2012.

Yeah!…so much said up there…when I heard a classmate talk about a forum for preparation of what is ahead I promised myself I would not let the idea fail because I know I need all of you more than I ever needed you before, because this is a beginning. I may have failed in the pre-journey stage….maybe arrogance, and being mean… but failure is an opportunity to start on a wiser footing. Wise in this is to start with you, hold your hand and start the  walk together.

I know you feel what I mean and I request that you help me start this new journey with success by joining me in organizing a day when we all as CPR/XX/08 would meet and start it all over again, this time on a wiser footing so that when the “methali” ever pops up we shall all smile and say we learnt all this in Moi.




  1. Ash says:

    Laughing at myself when i read this…. I have my own stories, good and bad about 08 class

  2. vivian says:

    tis been an amazing journey..love y’all.

  3. Sang says:

    Bro thiz a moving article n a great idea for our own enhancement and preparation for the job market and ntha life skills

  4. Baraza omondi says:

    Indeed it has been a great learning experience

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