A lot of times we see the many themes and visions pasted on the many marketing and advertising tools there are everywhere in this world. All these times we tend to think that these creative phrases are coined by weeeee….ll…… “experienced” people. Never have we thought that the person you term simple and sits nest to us would be the brain behind the creativity in these phrases. This is why today I choose to write this special post for a section of my classmates who I sit with in a committee.

Four years is a pretty long time and I think one should authoritatively say they very well know those they have been with for that period. This however wouldn’t be true if we don’t take time and look at the strengths in these very individuals and work with them to ensure that we make better people out of each other. When sited in a committee meeting this morning trying to deliberate on what theme we’d use for a farewell forum we are organizing on behalf of fellow classmates, we ended up with the phrase I have used as my blog post headline today: “Sharing our diversity: A unified end for a wise beginning.” The pleasant surprises on each of our faces as we glowed at the creativity we had in us, I believe in others, unknown. All I could say was “Guys we’ve reached self actualization.” That was a joke coz I know some of us if not all have got bigger dreams than just coining an event’s theme. Though, we can’t say it wasn’t an achievement, it was coz if everyone else in that committee learnt whatever I did then we in for a brighter than bright future.

That and the lesson in it, the positive side of that engagement; this committee is made up of people who aren’t members of my clique per se, despite being classmates. Having the end of our four year journey just round the corner, which also marks the start of our professional journey we decided to come together as one, the different representatives of different cliques in class and try see what we could achieve as a unit. We brought the diverse thoughts and ideas we have to the table and decide to work as a unified team. With a spirit of sharing we choose to listen to what each of us had. We may have not gone far as per our goals…but looook….we have a great phrase for our event for a theme, and I believe that as my colleagues and I go ahead with our subsequent meetings we do so on a very wise footing. We have a phrase that guides us and offers us values.

How many times in life have we looked at those a situation has thrown to us and thought nothing good would ever come out of them? We don’t even give them a chance to show us what they are made of, in the end we end up loosing out coz the vast resources they have as knowledge disappears without we ever using it to grow wiser. God has a reason for each and every individual He puts in our lives in whatever context it may be and they all have a value addition aspect for us to borrow. We therefore need to embrace each of them and harvest the good they have for us and change the bad that may be, by sharing the good that is in us. With that I believe that just as I discovered the creative communication professionals among my classmates, a lot of help will be discovered among all.

And as I finish on this I know I am wiser because I and my classmates shared our diversity, a unified team in no doubt that will successfully work on an event that will work to maintain a unified class that will share for the wisdom growth in all of us as future communication specialists. I thank God for these great “elites” (as we choose to call ourselves) He has given me the opportunity to work with.



  1. joseph msmart says:

    i totally agree with you bro. being a member of the committee, i must say that am impressed and amazed by the kind of great people i have been with for four years. it is a privilidge to have served in the committee. i can also see that our future,as well as that of our country and the world is bright. what is importand for us is to embrace each other and have a place for them in our lives. GOD BLESS US AL

  2. Mak'Omondi says:

    Thanx bro and God bless you too.

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