This week I am sitting my end of semester exams and just like any other there are ups and downs that come with it; some are hard, some easy while others you really can’t tell whether you did the right thing or just wrote gibberish, this time our lecturers striking even brought a totally new aspect to it that threatened to paralyze our exam schedule. And I look at life in its nature and think of the many times it gives us exams though different because it never has a defined syllabus for a particular time neither  does it give time for preparation in terms of revision. In both cases however the goal is always to learn the much that we have learnt over a period time.

Life’s exams are however very interesting and the many times I look at the papers it throws at me I’m always at a crossroads as pertains to what reactions in terms of feelings I should attach to each of these that come my way. There are times that I really feel like getting mad but realize it would never help and I am always left with getting disappointed as the only option and with time realize that with every exam there will always be another that will do an evaluation of the same after another stint of life. I however remain with the question of whether I ever get to be a better person and one who will be able to tackle that next bit and the challenges involved.

These exams have really funny invigilators, supervisors and markers per se and I hope I have never fallen in any of these groups and if I have it must have been mistakenly and I would not like to be there ever again. These people are never there to give instructions when you need them to but will be very strict, judgmental and use very rigid marking schemes to evaluate whatever you have done. That is the time they look at how real or unreal you are in all that you do and use all they may have against you confirmed or not confirmed, evident and not evident to mark the much that you have in your life. Funnily enough they are never contracted to do so and do not ask for pay as they go about it; they are ready to offer free services. The painful b it is that they never realize the many opportunities they deny you while at it, it gets to a point where the “no man is perfect” phrase does not apply at all to them and they act and talk as if you were meant to be all perfect and never slip at any point of the life path.

All said that is part of life and if we ever thought it would come without that as part of its challenges then we shall not only be lying to ourselves but also life. All that matters is how we handle each of the subsequent tests that come later and the people it brings as examiners and the criteria they use as their marking schemes. We can’t  rule out disappointment as the first emotion when this happens but after a while I believe we should smile to and with it and ensure that the next time it happens we shall have been better students, better equipped for that gruesome paper.  



  1. ntinentinevale says:

    wow!!!!!am loving it.we jst av to hang in ther bcoz beta things r kaming

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      Glad you are loving it and yeah, even when it looks like it’s all dark there is always something positive just waiting for you to discover it.

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