“Lost and found” was a very common phrase to me in primary school considering I did my class six, seven and eight in boarding school; everything and nothing would get lost all the time. All along I have known that one only looses what they possessed before and it never hit me that we could ever loose one we’ve never met seen or even talked to. Maybe they never even knew we existed.  That is why I sit today looking at life from a totally different perspective.

I first learnt of “Wanadamu” through a friend on twitter; an initiative by @Kunavijana that seeks to provide those in need of blood in hospital with donations from the many youth around the country. This must have been during the Sinai Fire Tragedy and I thought it was a great initiative though it took me several weeks before I finally got to register myself as one of those who would like to donate in case anyone needed blood – I like it that I am a universal donor.

So, yesterday I left the exam room, a bit harassed I must admit and was trying to find anything that could help me forget everything about the paper gone and concentrate on the next one. While at it I received a call from a strange number and the person I am will always watch my phone ring for quite sometime before I answer it and on doing that it was a call from “Wanadamu”; there was a patient in Eldoret Hospital who needed blood and they wanted to find out whether I was available for the same. Human beings, the selfish creatures we are, I did not want to travel 34 kilometres to Eldoret town then and chose to say I would do the same today mid morning, and my roommate helped me find all the reasons why I should not go at that time and do it today.

So this morning I woke up and just as I wanted to get out of bed I received a call from “Wanadamu” informing me that Judy had passed on. I had one of those moments when I really wasn’t sure what emotions would work best. Was I to feel guilty of not having gone yesterday, or feel sad coz Judy had left us before I even got to see and know her? I think both overcame me at the same time and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had never seen Judy, I didn’t know what she was suffering from and I couldn’t even tell how old she was, but I felt like I had lost a close person and one that I could have done more for before she lay to rest if I had moved in haste. All I could do was to text Sophia, Judy’s contact person my condolence message; I couldn’t even bring myself to call her.

Many a times we are faced with situations in life that require us to do a small thing to make others breath easier, as my definition of success would go and instead of moving immediately we find and even create barriers and gather all the reasons we could find to postpone and procrastinate. I wouldn’t talk about Judy’s situation because God has everything planned for each and everyone of us and He holds the key to life and death and maybe even if I went yesterday she would have still passed on. What bites is the fact that I wouldn’t be experiencing the guilty feeling if I did this and maybe I would have put a smile on Judy’s face and that of her family members, just before she went to rest. The same happens in a lot of instances and leave us with “I wish I knew” moments which would have been avoided.

That said, I know Judy fought her battle and did the best way she could, and I know she did not loose it because she finally is in a better place, just by our Maker’s side. And as I have always believed God picks the best of flowers from His garden so that they may be in the vase by His side where they are watered all the time.

Rest in Peace Judy, I wish you let me meet you before you left, but I know we shall meet on the other side. 


5 thoughts on “I LOST ONE I NEVER HAD

  1. carolkmail says:

    Wonderful article Mark. We do the best we can. We make our intentions and actions count. And yours did. A few of you in the world and we can all make a difference. I thank you and hope one day Judy’s family gets to read this 🙂

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      Thanx Carol and yeah I believe it’s the little
      pushes we give that make a difference
      and therefore won’t wait for shoves from
      the “mighty”. Thanx a lot.

  2. Mak'Omondi says:

    Thanx Carol and yeah I believe it’s the little pushes we give that make a difference and therefore won’t wait for shoves from the “mighty”. Thanx a lot.

  3. ntinentinevale says:

    tht was emotional i must say.sowrl 4 thr lose omondi

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