In a span of one month this phrase “keep an open mind” has hit me twice. Not that I had never heard it before but because these two times it set me thinking and I believe that as I ponder about this I’ll not only believe in the importance of keeping it open but I’ll actually “open it up”.

The first time on the 7th of January, I came across it as I was chatting with a friend, as I gave her the only situations that would lead me to revealing some information to her, and as much as we had no issue with my girlfriend I had a feeling all was not well in our relationship and I thought maybe it would be wise to borrow, though it died off soon enough.  Yesterday as I sat through my Psychology of Communication class the lecturer brought it up again and maybe his example is what struck me most, “I’m prepared even if now after thirty years of marriage my wife took off with another man” and as he said this I felt like he was talking to me directly.

It’s been a week of a lot; pain, anger, fear, wish, hope, prayer and maybe even questioning. All this time I can’t help but ask myself whether I should have opened it then or whether I should now work on opening it for the future. Is it a lesson I should have learnt before or is this the lesson I am going through to ensure the future rids of all I have gone through this one week?  

A lot of times we get into situations in life that cause us a lot of pain and if you are like me and wouldn’t want to blame anyone or anything for what you go through then you try look hard for what might have been done wrong by you through the process. Not many may understand how much or why I am hurting this much but the fact is that it is here with me and there is nothing at all I can do to change the fact that it happened.

Doing right or doing wrong changes a lot I must agree but there are times that stuff just happens regardless of one’s good or wrong doing and this is when the mind needs to remain open. I won’t let the predicament I am going through change the person I am and if it is change maybe just try be a better person. I won’t hate on anyone I feel would have had a hand in ensuring I go through this, human beings make mistakes and all they need is a friendly talk filled with forgiveness and in future they won’t do it to anyone else. All I’ll do for this is to learn that such will always be there in life’s path, all said I will hope that even this that I writhe in at the moment will have the best for me but keep an expectation for the worst too.

My mind shall remain open as regards any issue and hope that this will fizzle off real soon, but even as it disappears I am glad that I may never hurt this much anymore. 


8 thoughts on “TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND

  1. carolkmail says:

    Yesterday I was having a talk with some friends and we were concluding, in hindsight, after all the hurt is gone, every experience is a life lesson. The ones you don’t go to class for. Probably what you wouldn’t want to hear when you are in the throes of hurt. The hurt will go. Eventually. After all, you wrote about it. I hear it’s the first step 🙂

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      And as Paulo Coelo says in Aleph “…And that is my great fear at the moment, that some tragedy will occur. Tragedy always brings about radical change in our lives a change that is associated with the same principle: loss. When faced by any loss, there’s no point in trying to recover what has been; it’s best to take advantage of the large space that opens up before us and fill it with something new. In theory, every loss is for our own good; in practice, though, that is when we question the existence of God and ask ourselves: What did I do to deserve this?”

  2. There is this song i hear a lot these days, that goes: “I want to do the right thing, but the right thing is not right for me. But if i do it wrong, who will i be…….?”
    Always do the right thing, in spite of the circumstances, and the right thing will come right back at you!

  3. naliakabevy says:

    Story of my life..I agree an open mind in all ths is the best one can do

  4. Nyambura says:

    I agree with Carol. It’s best to see it as one of life’s lesson. And they are painful. Will the pain go away? Personally, I do not think it goes away completely. It leaves scars, and on a bad day, I get phantom pains from those scars…and yet, the only way to go is to keep an open mind no matter how scary it is

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      Of pain going away or a permanent scar remaining forever, I strongly believe is a matter of ones own choice. But even with that scar and the itch it brings every once in a while, there’s still much more in the lesson that overshadows it.

  5. ntinentinevale says:

    tym alwys heals n that wht keeps us moving each n everyday of our lives.we tk a risk of doing the right thng n we shud neva regret.take it as it kams

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