60 days of 24 upright curves per day, one each hour

A lot of times we are told to go out and explore, it isn’t uncommon to hear one tell you to jump out of the comfort zone. As it is they claim them who never try anything new never progress. I wouldn’t agree more but I would advise that there are times when closing in and forgetting the much that happens out there helps a lot.

I never thought two months of full smiles and no worries would ever happen I’m not sure they’ll ever happen again, but yeah I had them and strangely enough it all started in a bar, on a Monday evening. Yeah a Monday evening, who goes to a bar on a Monday? I did, and from there I found a whole sixty days of happiness out of a few bottles of Pilsner Ice.

For those sixty days I chose to concentrate on the bundle of joy I got. I shut out all worries that come with everyday hustles. I chose to forget that anything would ever go wrong with whatever I’d gotten into. It is sad I had to drop a few of the ones that had worked on my betterment before. At times we have to make sacrifices, like when you have to spit out a mouthful of rice coz you bit a stone, (kindly do it on a serviette), too bad if you happen to be the grain in the moth at that point.

And with that it went all well, and what with the multiple other blessings that came with the pilsner pop. (For a moment there I felt like throwing in a “Baraka nayo!” phrase, I won’t though). My bar escapades increased in frequency, too bad I had to spit pilsner and embrace my first clande tusker. Most notable was the change of status from a resident of Kesses to a squatter in Nairobi. That was fast; I thought I was supposed to have made a stopover in Molo first. My mum always said everything happens for a reason and hence I won’t complain about the scrapped stop over. After all now as a squatter I can eagerly wait for the last week of every month for a slight bulge in my pockets. You know like this one we are in at the moment.

Disjointed I know this is, but let me try glue it together. without the upward curve on my face for those sixty days I wouldn’t have had energy to pursue what I have, I would have continued with wallowing in self-pity and asking questions of why. You should have seen the spring they added to my step in that sixty day period. I literally kangarooed around the “university with a difference”. The pilsner joy happens to be a great source of encouragement, always making me want to be at the top of my game.

Ninety days later and back into the normal life outside the box I am here. Definitely the upward curve turns upside down at times but whenever I remember the sixty days and what I jumped with outside the box, it goes back to where it is supposed to be. Wouldn’t you want to hide in a box for a little while and see what life without the discouraging world may bring?



4 thoughts on “60 days of 24 upright curves per day, one each hour

  1. carolkmail says:

    You can write. The end.

  2. Mak'Omondi says:

    This isn’t one of those sarcasm moments we choose to not name liquids, is it?

  3. […] all there is still a sense of excitement in me that isn’t going away any soon. You remember my 60 days of upright curves? Yeah they had an after sale service which some would call after effects and I am really liking it. […]

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