The light that sips through the gathered clouds to bring forth the rainbow beauty

If you’ve ever applied for a job you would understand a “weird” feeling I have been developing of late, quite so often maybe, I should say every morning, noon and in the evening. Reminds me of a song I sang in lower primary that went “urugushwo * 2 urugushwo roshine urugushwo …… urugushwo ona whaine!” Don’t ask me what it meant and just for the record that isn’t my native language. Digression! back to jobs, vacancies and applications. Not so long ago I was forced by circumstances to edit my C.V. and most specifically the “occupation” part. What had always read “student” changed to something else which I will not say for fear of being laughed at…or maybe not, for fear of being sought for free consultancy. I must warn that I am very good at what I do; if you’ve always thought you were the best in whatever industry I am in, you better reconsider that.

With change of this status came the need to get into a task many dread, what they call to tarmac, I wonder why people are so scared of it, the Chinese do it every other time on our roads and it makes our driving much easy. Better watch your English the next time you call it that, and to add on that, I wonder why they choose to call it that yet no one even walks anymore looking for a job, maybe they should call it to internet. Oh! and just so you know my eyes have developed an affinity for the word “vacancy” and you should see my hands when they go typing “I am a self-driven, flexible….” phrase, I don’t even have to spell check I know where all those letters lie on my keyboard. This brings me to the feeling I was talking about earlier. When I posted it on twitter it went like “that stupid feeling of ‘I know that is mine’ when you send a job application”

It is this stupid feeling that I am talking about, that feeling of having sat in an office already before you have even been invited for an interview, that feel of “that is our company vehicle” every time you meet a branded vehicle that belongs to a company you have made an application to. For some of us we are pretty lucky to have a place to go to every morning and add a bulge to your pockets as you go about this activity. At times lucky enough to even get into some of those offices you envisage in your mind. My friend called this hope, I really hope it is hope I know, don’t tell me I put in a lot of hope there.

Wait! Let me tell you where this hope starts dying, the moment you are lucky enough to be invited for an interview. I will recount of a day I went for an interview and immediately my eyes met those of the interviewer I knew I wasn’t going to get this job. What she said is what puzzled me more. “…David you know I like your confidence and I think you have what it takes but what you lack is the experience….” tarara tara, she went on and on with sweet wording. After that I thought, if only all interviewers say was real. Huh! God knows. I remember a time I did an online assessment for some organization and after submitting it I haven’t heard from them ever, never mind the HR had already congratulated me for landing a job before asking me to do the online quiz. Actually my whole family had already known that I was changing offices. Poor me!

That’s just the bit I feel like talking about, there is much more, a lot that would make one want to quit and start a business like a friend of mine who decided to sell “gunias”. You know what I mean, I have thought of joining the “mjengo” just on my way out of the estate. Oh! I forgot, at least I have something to do as I make these numerous application. That brings me to the ultimate point. I am lucky enough and as it is I know there are great things in the offing. That feeling I call stupid is not stupid and like the last interviewer I was with told me all that effort isn’t going to waste. With each cover letter I write, I become a better person, with each interview I attend I become a brighter person and with each disappointment I get through this, I am made stronger and more equipped for the next challenge on the track. See, it’s never that bad and as I once told my girlfriend, most of the time we choose to concentrate on the gloominess the gathered clouds bring, refusing to give the light at the horizon a chance to shine through our tears and bring forth the beauty of the rainbow. I was bright there, wasn’t I? That should go into some quotes book. Soon, very soon my “stupid” hope will be fulfilled and that office I will sit in, coz this, I believe in. Watch this space and for Public eerrr…professionals better watch out for this force.


2 thoughts on “The light that sips through the gathered clouds to bring forth the rainbow beauty

  1. carolkmail says:

    *sigh* Child! ‘Urogoshwo’ means ‘Be praised’ ‘Roshine’ means ‘morning’ ‘Whaine’ means evening. you are welcome. Aside, love your level of confidence. It is refreshing. Keep that spirit up coz you are going places kid 🙂 (Somehow I know parts of these comment will come to haunt me. Soon) 😀

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      Weee! Mwarì nì jowe Gìkùyù. Nyinaga rwìbo ùshio ginya rìu. See you didn’t help me much, could you please give me back the welcome you grabbed from me. Oh! Please kindly remind me what noon was, that’s what I forgot. In the meantime I will wait for you at the battlefield.

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