A lesson on/from the past, for a better today and a best tomorrow

A while ago I heard Uhuru Kenyatta say that he shouldn’t be judged by the deeds of his father. I am not an ardent follower of politics, and especially not Kenyan politics, I would choose to say that I am apathetic when it comes to that, and the only times I chose to talk about it is when my folks insist that I have to contribute to their political discussions around the dinner table and most of the time I tell them that which they want to hear. You should see them thinking I’m so on their side which is not and will never be the case. Don’t be cheated though, I keep abreast with the current happenings and the next time there is an election be sure to find me in the queue with my voters’ card. Uhuru’s statement greatly relates to a statement a significant other made to me this morning.

Have you ever sat and thought of the great potential we have and how much great we would achieve if we quit living in the past? Does the past have anything to do with this day and that which there is for us in the future? You got it right, if I were the “askee” (forgive that English) here, I’d give exactly that answer you have given. Life is like a track that we run on and on every track there’s definitely that spot that you will trip and fall. Do you sit there and cry, say you have lost the race? No you get up dust yourself and keep racing, the only thing you need to do is master that spot and its properties so that in case you come across another one with the same characteristics you will be able to go through it without a fall. The English I have known in a little over twenty three years tells me that is what we call growth.

We all have instances in life when we have pasts that were not so pleasing, or maybe the other person you share a world with had theirs when you were not with them and it would be unfair for us to stay there and constantly remind ourselves of the much that went wrong then. Is it not said that we should learn from our past mistakes to make us stronger today for a better tomorrow? I however advice that where possible don’t wait for it to happen to you, learn from others mistakes instead. That does not happen when we keep sulking and making demands based on that past. Even God who has no comparison forgives, and the bible says that when He does, it’s that, and He changes the person in you and you become new.

We all love new things, new clothes, new towns, new houses, new schools, new jobs and new everything, it is only unfortunate that most of us may not afford new cars and hence the many second hand Japanese cars on our roads. I remember some day in 1995 when my mum bought my brother a new purple jacket and got me nothing. Never mind it was “mtumba” anyway, you should have heard the cries that filled that house that evening, I believe even as I took my bath that day after school, I showered more in my tears than I did the water that was in the basin. Why would we not cry this much to see that our lives take a new direction instead of sulking at the past? Beats me!

There is this phrase I am not sure whether I coined it or stole it from somewhere, at times I read so much that I even forget what I come up with originally and that which I borrow from others, including this post. I hope no one takes me to court for this. Back to the phrase, “I will not let my past cloud my present and deter me from having a better future”. As I sit and write this I mean what I say and hope that with me are all my readers as we say bye to the past, ugly or beautiful, pick lessons from it, start on a new footing, use them today to ensure that tomorrow is a better day and we achieve our maximum potential. 


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