Stronger versus seasoned

“I have dived in a sea alone before to know that a worthless log would be of great importance, I won’t be doing it again, I’m wiser now”. Such thoughts tend to cross my mind a lot when everything doesn’t seem to be going fine and this past Monday couldn’t have chosen a better time to show me what Mondays are made of. I can’t believe that less than a quarter of a year ago I really loved Mondays.

Tough day it was but I hear them say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The fact that I am still here and going…at least I go to the office each morning and back home each evening, that’s going, right?… That means I am among the tough, no? Anyway as the going was that tough a friend chose to send me a text. Long time it had been since we last communicated and after exchanging a few texts the common phrase popped, “I am good, growing stronger each day” I hate clichés but be warned I got my own unique clichés. I couldn’t say I was also growing strong, I wouldn’t believe myself if I said it at that time, I chose to say I am growing seasoned. I know someone will be sending me to the dictionary at this point, don’t worry been there.

Look at it this way, how many times have you told people you are stronger yet you were dying inside? I know there is that brave face we all wear and as they say we always hope that the phrase “it’s darkest just before dawn” actually does apply. But do we have to say it when it really isn’t? For one I am not sure I grow strong, I hope I do with the many challenges I go through every day. Every time it happens I go through the same moody me, with that hot feeling in the tummy, I hear they call them butterflies but wouldn’t it be nice if they were, butterflies are beautiful, well at least most but these that cause problems in the tummy must be moths, coz seemingly they pour all their dust into us and hence the heat.

My thought about it is that we actually grow seasoned to these challenges we face. My free online dictionary, (we love free things, don’t we?) tells me that a seasoned person is one that has been accustomed and gives me “hardened” as a synonym. Is that not more like what these challenges turn us into?  We get used to all that faces us and the hardships that chose to give us slaps every once in a while. I guess this is more of adaptation, you know like the case of the giraffe developing a long neck in order to reach the leaves at tree highest point of the shrub. I wouldn’t deny the fact that stronger comes in at some point but not for all of us but it has to be preceded by a seasoned you.

That is where the differences in us come in, strong does not rival seasoned, both work hand in hand but as it is all who are able to face the challenges of life grow seasoned, it is what we do with this seasoning that determines who grows further into being strong. Just like me swimming in a sea alone and realising that the log I despised so much would be of great help, I will use the seasoning I go through as much as it may sound like being comfortable with challenges to make a better me. I am one person who strongly believes in using situations, whatever they may be to make a better you and I know as I grow seasoned each day, a strong me is lurking somewhere in the corner, waiting to pounce on me and get into me. Stronger or seasoned, the bottom line is there lies lessons in all that happen, no? 


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