A reminder why I don’t and shouldn’t cheat on my girlfriend

I’m not the type to do two posts in a day, not even in a week but today I just had to do it, actually circumstances have forced me to do it.

I read a lot and it would be strange to catch me doing nothing while commuting, if I’m not chatting you will find me reading online material, I follow quite a number of blogs that keep me engrossed in my phone, my aunt really complains about this. Today, while commuting from work I came across this post that reminded me of one of the virtues I hold dear.

Four years ago, just after joining university I remember telling my kid brother how much I would never cheat on my girlfriend. It looks like a tall order I know, but I am happy with my progress so far. This post wouldn’t have come at better time, a time when I am experiencing something quite alien to me, and I am glad I came across it to remind me that I should remain focused on my belief and always remain true.

It hasn’t been easy always remaining true, I see a lot of opportunities to lie but I choose not to, in fact a lot of times I ask God not to provide any of those opportunities. Once quite too often I am tempted to flirt (I am a good one at this) but I sit back and remind myself where I should be. Even worse is the mockery I have faced, and not from strangers, but from my very friends when they think I waste myself. Closest of my friends, one of them chooses to call us a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, once gave me a nickname based on the movie Hangover. (I can’t remember it though; I ain’t much of a movie person).

It’s not that I haven’t been hurt before, I have been cheated on , once it really hurt me I had to let my whole family including my ol’folks know what had happened. A lot of times I think I give relationships my best; I don’t understand why anyone would cheat on me. I am glad though coz every time it happens, it only works to create a better me. I always treat the next better than I did the last and this is one thing I’ll never regret.

Many at times things happen in our lives that cause us to reconsider some of the things we hold dear. At times it is never even related in anyway, but we still go ahead and change because of a single incident. Do we ever think of the implications this has on our lives? Look at what happened to the writer on the blog above, I wouldn’t want to live with guilt forever, I would rather live in regret knowing that I did the right thing other than live in guilt coz I did wrong. As it is, I always know that there is always pay for being good and that is why I wouldn’t even get off the “matatu” without paying the twenty shillings the conductor forgot to pick.

For now it is her, Diana and she won’t be cheated on, she will get the best there is and will always enjoy being by my side. No one has tasted what she tastes and as it is I don’t regret having her as my princes. When the bud is ready to open up into a flower I hope she will be the queen.

Now you know why to me, it her and not them!


6 thoughts on “A reminder why I don’t and shouldn’t cheat on my girlfriend

  1. george says:

    AV never heard you pour your heart out like that but gud read ma friend keep it up!

  2. Nyambura says:

    You have expressed yourself beautifully…and yes, betrayals from those you love are nasty…they fester and can poison….I’m off to read the blog you’re refering to…

  3. Odhiambo says:

    I’ve never been in a relationship but i remember also making a pact never to cheat on my future wife to be, hope i’ll fare well like you…i know its possible.
    Nice read anyway 🙂

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