Life’s journey, Freeway to bumpy rides to thorny paths/freeways, it’s all a choice

I’m not sure how many of us would drive at 120kp/h, roll over get hurt be lucky enough to live and get a new “automobile” (I just had to use that), pump it back to 140kp/h and travel down the same road. I just did and I’m in the middle of it, with no intention at all of reducing the speed, if anything I’m targeting 160kp/h after a few miles.

Life is interesting! A few weeks ago my sister and I were discussing it and were asking ourselves why God wouldn’t just let us know our destiny, I hope that doesn’t pass as questioning God, but seriously, do we have to go through these hard times trying to make things work out yet He sits up there very well knowing it won’t work out? I’ll let that be before somebody decides to term me blasphemous (I’m not sure that is the term either to use there).  Yesterday while doing Bible study with my uncle he told me Trinity isn’t the easiest thing to understand, I don’t know but I think life is more complex.

Not long ago I was on this road, one of those you have to travel in the course of life. I really don’t understand why life journeys start from a freeway and end up to some thorny pathway, I always thought it should be the opposite, but anyway c’est la vie, with the much in it that you wouldn’t understand. Then, I travelled this road with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t say blindly coz God gave me eyes to use, I just decided not to use them. When I hit that pothole and rolled it caught me by surprise and for a moment I did not want to accept it had happened. I always thought I was the best driver there was, and couldn’t understand how that could happen to me. Mark you my car was pretty new and the “Mak’Omondi” I am, you could imagine how many people I had flossed it to. I was lucky enough not to have passed then but the injuries I got were quite something, got to thank my doctor for being there despite the fact that we aren’t in good terms. My mechanic couldn’t do as much and the metal was written off.

It did not take long before I got a new ride and all around me couldn’t believe what I was getting into. Just so you understand the gravity, I still was using walking sticks and when I got into my ride I shot off at 140kp/h, crazy, huh! I don’t regret though, coz oh boy! has it not been lovely. The best I have ever had, you know those that never give you problems, always at their peak and even when it does malfunction a bit, always finds a way to remind me there’s a better reason why I’m here and not where I was then. For a moment I almost forgot after the smooth freeway there is a bumpy ride that if not well taken care of would drive you straight into those thorny paths and before you find your way around, pooof! you got multiple punctures including the spare wheel that you haven’t even chucked from the boot yet, and there you are, stranded!

So I’m at this bumpy stage and finally I’ve realised there is a brake pedal down there that needs to be used, signs are a bit scary, with other drivers coming into my lane, I don’t understand why coz as it is and is supposed to be it is my lane and shouldn’t be used by anyone else, I’m not being selfish, social convention dictates so. I am not reducing my speed though, coz I know I’m on the right side, I won’t dim my beam coz I don’t mind what it does to their eyes, they should stick to their lane. I’ll work right on my lane to find the way back to the freeway.

What I am doing is belt up, beam even more so I can see clearer. I won’t let my journey get into the thorny path and if signs indicate that I’m headed there, I won’t let it inflict the injuries it did last time, after all I have no doctor to nurse me this time and even if I had I wouldn’t want to experience the excruciating pain I had last time. I got my eyes wide open and if you wish call me a bushbaby, but I know what I get out of this.

That’s my journey, and that’s my attitude!


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