After all I pray for Wisdom, patience and understanding

The greatest lessons in life lie in the smallest occurrences in one’s day, those that would pass to be nothing close to significant. In them lies the strongest pillars that hold us when all else seems like it’s too weak for whatever it is happening, the strongest rope in the thicket that sees us through to the other side of the river, those who did Swahili would tell you it’s called “Ng’ambo ya pili” and that’s where based on some Sunday School song I used to do 18 years ago I always believed Jesus and salvation was.

Anyway, not so long ago (it can’t be a month gone) my old man gave some shirt to iron for him. It’s one of those I’d never put on without a sweater if it were mine, coz if it were to go crease free then you’ll have done super ironing on it. I did what I could on it and when I finished my old man asked me whether I had done it well. Not sure whether I’d met his standards I started fiddling with words (does that happen?). What he told me must have been preparation for future thoughts “When you do something and you know you have given it your best, say I did it, it doesn’t matter whether it matches the other persons standards”.

Human beings are funny, for a moment I wanted to think we are ungrateful but then again I refrain from using that word. I say we because I know I have done this before and I pray God pulls me out of it. I don’t want to ever do it again. Funny why? Funny because we never get to see the much one does for the positive, what they go through and empathise with them, instead we add onto their pains inconsiderately and enjoy it when they hurt. Maybe part of what I once wrote about three human attributes – being negative, apportioning blame and always complaining.

I remember once about eight years ago my brother saying how much no one ever promised us that life would be easy, and this always reminds me that there is nothing like “easier”  life than that we lead. The fact that others have gone before us coupled with the purpose we have on earth, we have no option but to develop thick skin, face all that life brings and prepare for whatever else may be laying on the track after a certain distance.

These two statements from the two men who complete the male equation in my family have ran through my head a lot on this day. I may not be the best there is, I may not offer the best an individual would want but simply giving it the best I could and knowing that there is no more I could do at the moment should be satisfactory enough. It doesn’t matter what any other person thinks, expectations will always be there and when they aren’t met it’s worth appreciating the efforts released.

Even with this I keep whispering my prayer “God, please grant me wisdom, patience and understanding”, because I know with these three then no lesson will pass me by and neither will I get irked by how funny we can get.


2 thoughts on “After all I pray for Wisdom, patience and understanding

  1. carolkmail says:

    I think I love the title of this post. ‘God grant me wisdom, patience and understanding’.

    • Mak'Omondi says:

      Those were my ol’man’s words in prayer one morning and I thought “wow! that’s a great prayer he has there” and I’ve made it my prayer each day, each moment

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