She dumped my sorry ass….!

Hahahaha! I’ve always wanted to start a post with that, woooohoo! I did it today *victory dance*. Anyway, on to serious matters. I feel ashamed to say I once learnt a lesson from a Nigerian movie, or maybe not. But anyway what would you expect of a dude who grew up with three beautiful big sisters, at some point or another I had to find myself coming across those things, no? at least when crossing the living room. Here is the lesson “Break up before she does” don’t be mistaken here, I’ve never used this, and I hope I won’t ever need to.

Life is a bitch, or so they say, I don’t know who decided bitches had to be she’s but I’ll flow with social convention today. At least the real bitches feed puppies with milk, in the case of life, I have seen nadda, if anything, I’ve only heard of America being the land of milk and honey, I’m not sure that is the truth as a matter of fact the closest I’ve ever gotten to an aeroplane is the waving bay on a school trip some ten years ago. I’m headed there though.

So this bitch called life hands us a lot and when she chooses to prove her bitchiness it’s never pleasant. Those of similar opinion say aye…… Yeah! That’s it and at times, throws you into dilemmas and leaves you wondering what to do. At times the decisions you’d like to make are barred by what others will think of you. It’s never easy, I’d choose to equate it to trying to keep New Year’s resolutions, and much of an up-mountain task coz a hill would not be as steep as this has always proved to be.

Such moments come and I think when they do then it is time to look at life and see where your relationship with her “milk and honey” is headed. At times it’s never towards the other end of the tunnel and here you need to be very careful, before she dumps you in whatever maze she might have intended of you it is always best to dump her fast. You wouldn’t want to sit down some few years later and laugh at how she dumped your sorry ass.

What’s the point? Moments of confusion and uncertainty are never easy to handle but when your comfort and happiness is compromised, then it is never worth maintaining a status quo, better jump out and face the other side that you have not had a taste of. If it isn’t working then it never will, no matter how long you sit there and wait for the sun to rise, after all does it not set in paradise, who would want to leave paradise? Take a leap of faith and believe, the bold move always has good tidings and I mean ALWAYS!


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