My heart sank!

“You look sharp!” These words echoed in my mind as I pulled my tie up the neck, looked into the mirror and smiled at the image opposite me. I actually did, I was finally meeting her today. I put the jewellery into my left trouser pocket. I have to tell her how much I love her.

“Jeez! Where are you going to in a tie on a Friday?” they all asked in the office. “My week just started” I answered. I didn’t want to delve deep into detail. This was my day, the day I wanted to be Davie, the day I wanted to be that different and unique man I have always envisaged, the cool and calm man. The guy guided by wisdom, patience and understanding.

“You guys can’t be serious, it’s a Friday and there is no music in the office” Malcolm kept shouting. It didn’t matter then. My mind was stuck at five. I couldn’t wait for my computer clock to read five. Then I would go out there and show her just how much she means to me.

“I can see things working out” my boss said as I bid goodbye. “Thank you” I replied. He thought I was thanking him for appreciating my work. I was actually thanking him for not giving me more work. I just wanted to be in town, where my love was, where I’d let her know that she was my all, my present and hopefully my future. I just wanted to bury the past.

“Damn this traffic, Tusker is calling” I tweet him. What he didn’t know is that it wasn’t all about Tusker this evening. There was more to it than was Tusker. Yes, I yearned for Tusker and wouldn’t wait for its sweet taste down my throat, but she was more important than the Tusker he thought I was running to.

“Sema boss” the bartender greeted me as I hoped onto the bar stool. He pulled out the Tusker I hadn’t asked for yet. This guy already knew what I like; I wish it would have been who I love. I wished I had found her there, just like I had the Tusker. I wish everyone knew she was the ‘sweetest taste down my throat’ just like the barman thought Tusker was.

“Get me a double shot of Gin and Tonic” I ordered as I remembered the drink she so cherished when we first met. Then it was all she did, and of late the taste of Tonic in Gin has me all smiley. I tweeted and facebooked, waiting for my phone to buzz and read “I’m here”, all along, couldn’t wait for the time I’d be that man she has in her dreams.

I carried jewellery in my pocket all day” I thought to myself, “I had my favourite shirt on” I reminded myself, “I had my new tie on a Friday” it hit me. I looked at the text message again “Can we do it some other time?” it read. My heart sank…….!


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