A writer’s Christmas

Christmas must be around the corner, no? There’s so much that has been happening to indicate that, at least in my life, I wouldn’t know about yours. This morning I woke up, ahhh! not exactly woke up but was woken up by a call from my ol’man asking me whether I had gone to hospital. His signature response to the answer “no” is always “what are you waiting for, Christmas?” Anyway Christmas was a great season for us; I especially speak for them who grew up in “Gichagi” like me. I wouldn’t tell what it was for them who grew up in cities and towns, but from their stories it must have been fun too. That is story for another day.

Back to a writers Christmas and this one does not come anywhere in December, neither is it religious. One statement I repeat to everyone who dares start a discussion with me on writing is “The reward a writer gets is the number of reads/hits the article/book/post gets”. Seriously for those of us who do not write for money, our gratification comes when you, you and you take those five minutes of your time to go through such posts. But I lied, part of what I do in the office is writing related, so maybe I get paid for writing.

So this morning my lazy self walked out of the house headed to work, mark you if my ol’man hadn’t called I doubt I would have risen from that bed. It is one of those days I sit and tell myself “My boss will sort themselves”. The one disturbing point in my journey to work is crossing Mombasa Road and when life decides that you are good enough to handle three legs, the addition being metal in nature, then it becomes even harder and more of an ordeal. But this day brought me someone to talk with and watch the road with. Thank God for uni and the many faces you get to master and all them who take time to remember your face.

The normal pleasantries were exchanged as we awed at how much traffic there was this morning, making our cross over quite a hustle. (Don’t you wish it was the cross over insinuated by NTV’s Crossover 101). We even chatted on how insensible the authorities are for never thinking of having a fly over put up. But that was all our chat could get to and we got to the uuuurrmmm and aaaahhhh moments till my temporary company remembered ohhh this one tries something with writing and told me “By the way I read your blog, secretly, I am your secret fan” you should know how much I suppressed a sheepish grin when she told me “You are a good writer” but the person I am could not just say thank you and let it go, I had to tell of how much I am a struggling one.

So yeah, there we are, this writer here had his Christmas after all. A year and a few months after I finally decided to start blogging, you wouldn’t want to know how much procrastination I had done before that, because I thought no one would ever find my writing interesting. It feels great to know that there are people who find your work worth reading. There are moments I sit and write and then just post it up here because I thought about it and not coz it would pass for good and the only reason that keeps me thinking about the next post is the thought that someone appreciates what I do. My company this morning chose to call them fans but I refuse to use that word, as I look for a better description I will call them my bosses coz they give me reason to sit an punch on this computer.


6 thoughts on “A writer’s Christmas

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