The bridal shower

It takes a lot to build a name and come up with a brand as respected as Mak’omondi and it really puzzles when a bunch of ladies supported by a single dude seek to tarnish that brand and bring it down. This is my story about the past weekend, sit back and enjoy the shower I have had on this fateful Monday.

My Saturday night was a very lonely one, and I spent it in my house alone sipping Tusker as it were, as I waited for someone attending a bridal shower to come back home. Much to my recollection I know that from 3 p.m. to way past 12 midnight I was in solitude and spent much of that time sleeping, unless of course I lost it already and can’t even remember the things I do. You would be therefore equally surprised and confused if it were you, to get to the office on Monday Morning and find a face like yours tagged in an album titled bridal Shower.

 So Mondays can be Mondays indeed and when you have friends and neighbors like I do in Charlotte and Tetie then you are sure they could scheme anything to make it even much more of a Monday. The hot sun this morning and the fact that I made a mistake putting on a sweater was not just enough, thank God I have permission to report in the office at 11 I wouldn’t complain about the waking up bit.  But you should have seen the look on my face when I saw the photos alleging I attended the so called shower. To the best of my knowledge, the only shower I have had in a long time is a bathroom shower, I even doubt there was a baby shower when I was born, my mother is not one to organize such, neither are her friends.

In the spirit of friendship I politely asked my friends not to tarnish my name by insisting I had attended bridal shower. This was despite the fact that I knew I am strong enough and powerful enough to make them update their statuses and confirm that I wasn’t in attendance. I even tried chatting them up and tried to bring in a thought that I would get them the birthday cake I had promised them a month plus ago. You should have seen the letters in caps lock reading “YOU WERE THERE, YOU ATTENDED”. As big as they look you must have a rough idea of how heavy they fell on my ego.

Cheeky friends will always be there, and it is too bad when they have free internet and all the time in the world to make fun of you. So I am busy in the office doing nothing but basically minding my own business when one Marion decided to congratulate me for attending a bridal shower. And knowing the cheeky her you’d best trust to send texts to Mwawaka and the likes, who are very good at laughing on other people’s status updates, forget the fact that he asked who had delivered a baby because he cannot tell the difference between a bridal and baby shower. The fact that you can’t tell who between the two you are chatting with due to the similarity of their profile pictures should tell you a lot about the similarity of their thought processes too.

I know long scripts can be boring and that’s I why I choose to end this one here by reaffirming that I attended no bridal shower and anyone spreading such rumors is out to tarnish the brand in me, and they had better be warned that this is a fire they are starting and I got my truck on standby the moment I will release my water in full gush they will be swept like they have never been swept before. I got Chepkirui to hold the horse pipe, be warned!!!!!!

P/S: This is a virtual “war”,  not real, the above named are all my friends, the thoughts expressed above do not reflect the views of the writer about them.


2 thoughts on “The bridal shower

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