That was 30th January 2012…….

You’d ask me a million times why I was in black that day and I wouldn’t tell why. I wasn’t mourning; at least I know I wasn’t. It had been a slow Monday, a single class from ten to noon which never got to eleven. It being my last semester meant having a lot of free time in the name of having time to do the research project which I ended up finishing in less than a week. Don’t blame the system; blame my mum and dad for having brought a smart lad into the world. Note the use of the word smart, not genius and not bright, there’s reason.

After an idle afternoon on my bed I thought it was time to go for a random drink. It was a Monday, refer to paragraph above. My friend Hum4 had by now reached the conclusion that I was an alcoholic. Who sits in a bar alone like they have no friends, and to make it worse on weird weekdays? It was 6.30 and this meant Mark had no one to make dinner with, poor thing. I pulled my blue sweater put it over the black shirt; it at least killed the color monotony, pulled my shoes from under the bed and started the fifteen minute walk to stage.

“She drinks? In Frakaz? What! I thought she should have cleared a year ago! What the fuck and what is she doing in the bar on a Monday, and seriously in the midst of all these dudes, only two girls?” I couldn’t answer any of the questions that came to mind, good thing Georgie was there so I made the signature “Bad Boy” shout as he pulled me a seat, got my Pilsner Ice (Abu must have thought he got a following when they launched this shitty drink, we all went back to our kawaida drinks after some time). I perched on the stool and silently watched those stupid things Frakaz always thought were funny for drunkards. Forgive me but I find them funny, and especially when Klaus decides to laugh at those stupid falls. He has a funny laugh and has a stupid thing for funny clips.

Y’all have had those peeping moments when seated directly opposite a crush but play “WTF go on, do what you doing, I am not even interested.” That’s what I went through for close to five hours till my cousin called and couldn’t believe I was in a bar on a Monday. Then I walked back to the bar and there she was, at the door. It was customary to have a “smokie” break every time you had a few at Frakaz. Wachira was part of the grind and that’s where she had been. Then her drunk friend wanted to grind on me and she pulled her away “You, let’s go. Do you know him?” and I was like “WTF, I am the definition of attitude. What’s this you are trying?” Well I said that in my mind, you don’t tell that to a crush and especially not when she has lips like someone you know in Germany.

It wouldn’t be long before the DJ thought guys in the bar weren’t gentlemanly enough and decided to play some P-unit. The not so gentlemanly felt touched and decided to prompt us to ask them what they were drinking. I didn’t know Pilsner Ice had superpowers till this day. It clears all in a being that would want to be termed shy and when my advances were met with “You stop katiaring me with P-Unit lines”, I threw in “I like your cleavage”.

I’d like to say the rest is history but I believe the rest lies in the future, the exchange of numbers just coz I insisted I wouldn’t be able to make it for my 9 o’clock class if I stayed longer and only a promise wakeup call could do and the one hour chat later in the night, placed each block where it belonged and cemented it like Bamburi did the Nyali Bridge.

That was 30th January 2012…….


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