In retrospect

To many finalist in college in college or campus that final year is always perceived as the last of problems, the last of stressing moments and the last of having to think of where to find resources. All ahead is viewed as bright; in any case the times ahead always look bright. After all is it not the end of late night studies, and in the hope of landing a formal job, no one ever thinks of night shifts and doesn’t 8 to 5 as it is known fall under the bright parts of the day. This was me exactly a year ago.

As if life wasn’t sweet enough based on the fact that it was the final year, I landed a job 30 minutes after I sat my last paper. If life never smiled then this day it had chosen me to smile down on. I don’t know what well-paying means anymore after one year but then I was convinced that I had landed a well-paying job and the promises that came with it were just it. The journey towards prosperity had just started.

Fast forward year 2013 and here we are, sitting back and look at the one year journey and oh boy, don’t we have much to talk about it. Some very pleasant to talk about, others the little secrets you only wished stayed with you. My well-paying job ended up not being as well paying as it sounded. This is the point I realized there is more to a job than the money pegged on it; it’s not always about the pay. You’d imagine sitting in an office all alone every day from Monday to Friday, nobody to consult with, nobody to tell of how hard the rain beat you yester evening, the matatu tout that refused to give you back your change and the awesome dream you had. When it got into me I settled for a job that paid three times less, but at least I had what I’d call colleagues.

When you work in a town 250 kilometers away from papa and mama it dictates you have to find your own cube to live in. This wasn’t the easiest part, becoming mummy, daddy and son all at the same time is tough. You have to think of how to plan for the rent to be paid, you have to think of what to eat for dinner and you have to think of how to best treat your youthful self. All put in one scale I bet only balance for a few, I am yet to find the right weight for the other side a year later.

To walk in , to see and to walk out may be done by many each day, but has been done to many by me. I have attended non countable interviews within that first year out of campus. Think of any big company and I have a story for you that may last forever. Ask me to tell you of a company in Kenya you don’t know and I will sure give you one. There are those moments I got an interview opportunity and asked God to make this the last of them in the next many years. There are those I left confident I had aced only to never hear from them again, there are those I thought I had done nothing and was sure I had failed only to be invited for another round. For lack of an original phrase I will call this “the irony of life”

If I said I haven’t learnt from the experiences I have had in this time then I have never said a bigger lie. There’s no doubt about the weight loss, but I wouldn’t rule out the not so evident brain growth. Life has been awesome, maybe not easy, but no one promised it easy anyway. Growing seasoned and better every day I look forward to a better second year in this deep end of the pool where I either have to struggle and swim to the top or give up and drown. Drowning is not an option here at all.


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