“Lessons at 9124.25”

I doubt anyone will get the meaning of this one, but again it is only meant for me so it doesn’t really matter. It is another of the many confused ones, it was even “penned” at 5 in the a.m. They say in Swahili “Kuishi kwingi ni kuona mengi” and I guess 9124 is quite a number and if each of the 9124 had a single lesson to learn then  that’s quite some seeing right there. Anyway on to the lessons, they are many but the few I put here are the ones that hit my mind this morning.


That you should not ever let anger get to you. At some point I really wanted to never get angry at anything or anyone. I wanted to be the man that walks away till everything is settled then come back sort everything as a gentleman. I haven’t achieved this yet, I am an emotional man and I still set my eyes on this goal. I actually doubt I am anywhere close to being a gentleman. I hope I will get there someday. Anger is a stupid thing and I guess stupid things happen to stupid people.

That there are words then there are actions. It does not matter what it is you talk about every day, it actually is what you do that defines you. Your words can speak of a man who cares and has ambitions, one who inspires and gets people changing for the positive but what do your actions say? The first stupid thing you do cancels all the respect anyone might have had for you, the trust anyone had had for you dissolves like sugar does in water, without a fizz, you never see it coming. But again this does not mean words aren’t important, I guess the thing is to follow URP’s slogan of “Kusema na Kutenda”

That the stupid thing you do carries the day and the jerk in you hovers around like Casper the ghost only that this time he isn’t as friendly as he was in the show. You may do a lot of awesome stuff, you may do them with love, you may do them every day, every month, every year, but that one psychotic act you pull for a minute defines the asshole you are. And it is unfortunate that assholes can never be fixed. Maybe they finally will when they find cure for HIV.

That stupidity has the ‘fries’ effect on your heart. Fries is junk and it makes people add weight, in layman’s language it makes people fat. That’s the same thing stupidity does to your heart. It makes it weigh more, like it has been anchored. I do not know about the layman translation to this but I know it ‘pounds’ more. Maybe because of the insecurities caused by this. The insecurities are so bad you find yourself losing the sleep you have always all so loved.

That when you do something differently guys will say you took a different brand this weekend. Anyway, there are so many stuff to learn from life every day, but this is just one that says, you are what you do and the bad that you do overrides any good that you have ever done. One jerk action equals a jerk forever, doesn’t matter what you ever did before, and you can’t blame anyone for that, only you and the stupid stuff that makes you.


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