Closing on chapter 24…

“To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” -Edmund Burke



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Time for some reflection, I wouldn’t like to get my life constipated simply coz I refused to reflect. I have been reading a very sad chapter this recent past. A chapter that has been characterized by a lot. That one chapter that almost gets you dropping the book and saying ‘that’s it’ but something gets you going, reminding you why you first picked the book from the shelves.

It is the chapter that has the ‘fresh’ orphan crying as they head into the forest. This just after seeing their parents slain by what they would call neighbors. In this chapter he runs into the dark of the forest, not knowing where he is going but he has to run as fast as his tiny legs can carry him, his eyes can’t see anything in the dark of the night but this doesn’t scare him anymore. His hopes lie in the fact that his cries are too loud; he can’t even hear the sounds of the wild.

It is that chapter that has the hungry widow sited in front of her house watching hot water boil in the pot. Her eyes are set on the long winding road ahead of her. She checks to see whether her son might be coming home with anything. They haven’t had anything down their throats for the last three days. When the son comes back home its same old. Nothing to bring home even after 10 hours of waiting by the roadside. As the light of the firewood dies off, they drift into sleep too, empty tummies but full of hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

It is the chapter that has the poor man walking home after work. Clenching hard his hand that holds the one hundred shillings he has earned all day. It is all he has to take home to his wife and children and that’s why he walks five kilometers. The middle class look at him from the windows of the purple buses with sneers and the rich splash the water in the puddles at him with their 4×4’s and whizz past. He has done well at least today they will eat and he enters the slum with a smile only to be attacked at his doorstep. The two men disappear into the dark of the night with the only money he had and leave him with a panga cut on his shoulder. He struggles into his house, wounded and in pain, but his heart is at rest because he has a wife to tend to his wounds and children to empathize with him. He has family!

It is the chapter that has the family that awaits the discharge date. They have spent a lot of hours awake, looking for money and visiting one of their own in hospital. They have spent a lot to ensure they gave him the best medication they could. They have travelled distances to ensure he gets to the best hospitals they can afford. But just as they get back home to prepare for the ‘comeback’ they get the ‘I am sorry’ call. But they do not lose hope because they have faith and faith tells them that we shall all meet in yonder.

I can’t tell what chapter 25 holds but I am glad I am done with this chapter that always had me clenching my heart and holding back tears. And just like all who have hope I hope that the weight  this chapter carried will wipe the dark cloud hovering above and give way to at least a ray of sunshine…….. 


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