Life’s got a Fast Forward button…>>



Not all mornings start with a WordPress notification. Normalcy dictates that the first notification is either on Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp. Mail would make more sense, but this was no normal day. First there was 9124 but the ninth made more sense than all the others. It all happened like Déjà vu, took him back to that cold January night. The night he carried all the cheap drinks a university student considered affordable. With the few friends he called ‘crew’, he looked forward to the night with little, if any expectation.

It happened fast, or maybe not, he had just come back from a groin surgery and maybe the hours spent on the operation table needed to be compensated. Within no time one of the many that were gave him audience, good enough it was the one he had sought audience from. Save for a slight overdose that saw his wound start bleeding, all was well and if there had been none that had ended right before, this was the beginning of great endings. Numbers were exchanged and Facebook friend requests sent. It was time to watch what went up as a ‘status update’, impression is key lest you miss it all like ‘mataka yote’ did.

It was way before they invented Whatsapp, or maybe Africa hadn’t gotten the gist of it yet, so Facebook messaging was the cool way of doing this. And they stayed hooked for hours on end, class wouldn’t be without a chat strand. They talked about anything, everything and nothing, but it was fun and interesting. He knew her schedule you’d think they were tied to each other, she knew each step he took you’d be tempted to believe telepathy happens. Then came the phrase that killed him inside, but one sentence killed him more, “we have been together for 2 years!”

Fast forward, wounds have healed, Jesus came back and the inside that had died was resurrected. To say the inside was having the best of times would be an understatement, just because words fit to describe what it was haven’t been put in the dictionary yet. Again, it started with a Facebook message, one that looked lost at first and his first instinct was to help it find its way home but ended up adopting it. Interesting how fast it turned into a juicy chat, so juicy that instead of using a napkin for the overflow to drip on, you’d use a bowl instead so you get to drink it up.

This time it may not have been as detailed as it was years back, maybe a product of maturity, that’s story for another day, but it was clear where this was headed. He watched it slowly find its way through the maze, then came the witty conventional way of asking for phone contacts “Are you on Whatsapp?”. He knew this was where he’d use his asset best, the voice that comes out of his throat, it’s God given. Just like “Sauti nzuri gets nyoka out of the pango” it did not take long before his voice brought out the very words that sought shelter in her. He had an answer for it, “I have been seeing her for two years….”


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